LogiType Tablet Keyboard

LogiType Tablet Keyboard

Bringing real typing to Android tablets

LogiType Tablet Keyboard

Revolutionary Design

Keys that move to accomodate your personal typing style

LogiType Tablet Keyboard

Faster Typing

Type as fast on a tablet as you can on a PC!

"It is so close to touch typing on my laptop!" Ailee

"If you have a 10.1 inch tablet, this is hands down the best keyboard there is available" Forrest

"Simplest keyboard for Android I've ever seen" Jon

"With just a little acclimation, I was able to hit about 35-40 wpm" J. Tonti

"Is this MAGIC??? The keys are all in the perfect location" Mal

"I just topped 60wpm with LogiType on the ExtremeTypist app! I'm currently the highest ranking typist there." jehhynes

"Super intuitive. Easy to use. Using it Right Now!" pharaoh

"I can type with ease on this keyboard. It is truly fantastic!" Tyler

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